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Can An Online Tarot Card Reading Really Help Me?

Whether or not you believe in the psychic connection with other realms, you’ll probably be able to benefit from advisors’ general advice about life. If you’re currently going through a rough patch, getting a tarot card reading online can give you immediate stress relief.

A good reading can uplift your spirit and provide the positive energy you need to be more hopeful about your future. Trustworthy online tarot readers can help in a wide range of areas such as future preparation, releasing negative energy, love and relationships, career and finances, loss counseling, and more.

Can I Try My First Online Tarot Reading Without Paying Much?

If you’re about to try your first online tarot reading—you’re in luck! Almost all of the top online tarot reading networks offers a special introductory deal for first timers. Whether it’s getting your first few minutes for free or a low price, or free credits earned upon registration to the site, you can rest assured that you won’t be risking too much when trying your first online tarot reading session. Many networks also have a satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with your reading, some networks will offer you a partial or full refund. Other websites provide you with free site credits.

To view introductory offers scroll up to the chart above, or check out our reviews of the top tarot reading networks

Which Online Tarot Reading Network Should I Choose, And Why?

Finding the right tarot reading starts with a little bit of self-reflection. First, you should determine what you are looking for and what questions you’re trying to answer. Once you’ve figured that out, take a look at our top tarot reading websites to find one that’s right for you. While it may be your instinct to look simply at the price, try to also consider which sites provide the best possible answers to your burning questions.

What You Need to Know

Here, we will go through the elementary tools your psychic will use to find the answers you seek.

The Tarot Deck

The first to step to understanding tarot is understanding the deck and how it is used.

The number of cards may vary depending on who designed them and when they were made, but the standard deck usually consists of 78 cards. Each one comes with its own name, pictorial symbol, and specific meaning.

Every card in the deck falls under two categories – the Major and Minor Arcana (adopted from the Latin Arcanum, meaning “hidden secret, or mystery”). The Major Arcana represent the greater secrets of the universe, and the Minor Arcana the lesser secrets of the universe.

In tarot, the Universe is reflected in the inner workings of every individual person and each card is used to tap into their life and psychic energy. Using variations of both these cards will help the tarot reader to guide their subject, by answering questions they have of the unknown.

The Major Arcana

In every deck, the Major Arcana consists of 22 cards, each representing a universal aspect of the human experience.  These cards are the most important figures in the deck. They reflect the life lessons and themes that influence every individual’s journey through life.

Each card is numbered from 1 to 21, except for The Fool (card 0). The Fool is the character in the deck that takes the place of the subject, which interacts with each card that is drawn. The fool’s journey through the spread (the set of cards drawn at the beginning of the reading) represents the journey to enlightenment.

The Major Arcana allows readers to show people the themes and lessons that they are experiencing in the present and have experienced in the past. In this way, they may reflect and use them to face whatever lies in their future.

The Major Arcana consists of such cards as The Lovers (concerning our loves and relationships), The Magician (our ability to communicate and manifest our desires), The Star (joy, optimism, and guidance), and many more.

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana makes up the remaining 56 cards in the deck. These cards represent the activities and occurrences one might experience on a daily basis and how they affect their life. They are called minor in that they are considered to have a more temporary influence than the Major Arcana, as they are circumstances that can be changed depending on a person’s actions.

Nonetheless, they can still carry a significant meaning, as they can provide deep insight into present situations and thus are helpful in divining the path to persons desired goal or destination.

There are four suits in the Minor Arcana, representing different elements and thus different areas of life:

  • The Suit of Pentacles (Earth): represents the material world, often depicting finances and career.
  • The Suit of Cups (Water): represents the emotional and creative world, often depicting relationships and emotional connections.
  • The Suit of Wands (Fire): represents passion and inspiration, often depicting life purposes and spirituality.
  • The Suit of Swords (Air): represents words, thoughts, and ideas, often depicting communication and decision making.

Top 3 tarot readers

Psychic Source 

Tarot reading is one of the oldest and most ancient forms of psychic readings, so it comes as no surprise that Psychic Source, a well-known website for seeking guidance, specializes in it. In fact, for just over 30 years, Psychic Source has specialized in all kinds of psychic abilities, but it’s undeniably one of the best places you can get accurate tarot readings on the web.

What separates it from other guidance websites is that it hosts some of the most skilled and experienced psychics all in one place. Tarot is an incredibly old and delicate practice and too many people pretend to know what it takes to deliver proper readings when in fact, it’s something that should be left to the professionals. Psychic Source uses a thorough screening process when recruiting advisors, taking into account their provable gifts, their ability to conduct a reading, and more. That way, you know you’re always safe in the hands of truly experienced psychic professionals, whether you’re seeking out tarot readings or not. 

Purple Garden 

We can’t all afford to meet in person with a psychic nor do we have the time for it. It can take a while for a tarot reading session to properly get to the root of your issues or the questions you’re posing, but not as long as the minimum meeting time you can have to commit to with an in-person reading. Purple Garden puts you in charge of how long your readings last and means you never have to pay more than you’re prepared to.

Tarot readings with Purple Garden start as low as $5 but can cost more depending on the psychic you choose and the length of the session you commit to. The site offers a perfect combination of affordability and variety with some of the most sincere and professional readings available. Whether you prefer to see what’s in the cards over the phone or by video chat, Purple Garden charges by the minute and only partners with the most experienced and gifted psychics around.


Keen has been a longstanding psychic partner to thousands of people around the world since before the millennium. Starting out in 1999, Keen has been the go-to place for people to receive all kinds of psychic readings, from angel and cartomancy to the highly useful tarot card reading. Tarot has been around since the beginning and continues to provide lasting benefits to anyone that’s open to it. 

Keen has a variety of screened and gifted psychics offering tarot readings on its website, focusing on 100% satisfaction and low prices. You can easily see how long a psychic has been active with Keen, what other customers have to say about them, and how much they charge. What’s more, all psychics charge per minute and the first three minutes are always free, so you can decide whether you’re with the right advisor or not before paying a cent.

Interpreting the Cards

Intuition is one of the most important aspects of tarot reading, but it might take some time before you feel signs and meanings being communicated through the cards you draw. In the beginning, you will have to get familiar with every card and its place in the deck, so you may want to keep a book at hand or even draw a diagram while you perform readings.

Try to register any emotional responses you have to cards that are drawn, as your emotions will strengthen your symbolic memory. Soon enough you will develop your own systems and associations that can be weaved into the fabric of the reading.

Free Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is one of the most popular services offered by readers and a great many providers will offer a free tarot reading in order to secure a good strong relationship with a new client.

My Conclusion

Finally, I would like you to remember that your reactions and interpretations matter the most. So, once you get a spread, scan it, and notice any thoughts or feelings that immediately come up. Absorb your first reaction to what you receive, and keep it in mind as you interpret the spread. 

At the very beginning, you’ll use a reference to help you understand the cards. It’s simple to find one online, and some even come with decks but try not to use them as a clutch. As you develop your skills, you will learn to rely more on your intuition and less on the prescribed meanings. 

Only that way will you learn to appreciate and love Tarot truly.

One more thing – don’t forget to end with a ritual. Even if you’re still skeptical about such things, you should show some respect. So, finishing your tarot reading with an appropriate practice will make it more significant.

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