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PsychicOz Overview

For those who have been seeking answers to many of life’s questions, PsychicOz has been among the top psychic websites since 1989. PsychicOz’s experience has made it home to some of the best and most talented psychics that offer readings for love, relationships, career, finances, and other related concerns.


You can read more about PsychicOz’s main features below:

  • Services

PsychicOz offers guidance, counsel, and readings for love, relationships, finances, life path, and even pets. 

  • Reading methods

The staff at PsychicOz has a variety of specialties from tarot cards, astrology readings, and oracle cards to mediums, clairvoyance (and traveling clairvoyance), precognition, remote perception, and clairsentience. The variety is immense.

  • Psychic profiles

Psychic profiles include the psychic’s rating, cost per minute or email reading, customer reviews, and a brief introduction written by the psychics themselves. 

  • Communication methods

Consultations on PsychicOz are done via live chat, phone, or email. Services are offered 24/7, and with one of the biggest online psychic networks, there will always be a suitable psychic available at any time. 

Ease of Use

Prior to registering, you may already start browsing through the online platform and search for a psychic that would match your needs.

Filtering psychics is easy, as PsychicOz already curates them according to customer favorites, staff picks, and rising stars. You can also filter according to specialties like astrologydream analysisspiritism, and more.

Once you’ve found the ideal psychic online, you’ll have to register to be able to connect. Registering is quick and simple, after which you’ll be asked to provide your payment information. No payment will be made until you have chosen to engage in actual reading.


PsychicOz’s rates vary with every psychic and also according to their mode of communication. Calls can start for as low as $0.99, while email readings can start at $4.99. The company offers no satisfaction guarantee but does give the first 3 minutes for free.

Customer Satisfaction

PsychicOz has some of the best reviews of its psychics. It boasts excellent ratings on review platforms with 4.7 on TrustSpot and 4.68 from 400+ reviews on Site Jabber. Most of the customer reviews praise the accuracy of the psychics’ readings, as well as their empathy and kindness. The few negative reviews mention that the email readings are too short with only a line or two, and the phone readings are at times inarticulate. 

Competition Overview

PsychicOz wins over its competition due to the kindness and empathy of its psychics along with their accurate readings. Its main drawback is that the email readings are allegedly too short. 

Key Features

Variety of readings5/5
Communication methods5/5
Ease of use5/5
Best Personal Love Psychic Readings

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