Michele Knight: Are the Advisors Worth Your Time?

Michele Knight is an award-winning psychic who offers her services, along with other trusted readers, on her website in various forms of psychic divination.

Offering a large number of readers, and even lessons in some forms of divination, there is a fair amount of choice available. The website features over 1000 free articles on all sorts of psychic subjects, though is a little clunky to navigate.

Michele Knight Available Readings – In Detail

While Michele Knight features quite a host of different readers, its variety of reading styles is not so great. This has both positive and negative connotations; it means the standard of its popular reading styles is quite high, but that you are not able to receive some other types of divination. 

Its most popular reading, and the type most customers seem to subscribe to, is tarot reading. There are many options for interactive tarot readings, recordings and advice on past sessions, and even lessons on learning to read tarot yourself.

Michele Knight Available Readings

Angel Card ReadingsThis type of reading tries to communicate with angelic beings that are constantly around us, wanting to share their wisdom.
Astrology ReadingsA style of divination, astrology looks at certain positions of stars and heavenly bodies at certain times, and can use this information to learn about now and predict for tomorrow.
Dream InterpretationsThis is a way of analyzing dreams and telling you what they mean. It is believed that your dreams are the way your subconscious communicates with you.
Numerology ReadingSome numbers recur and have special relevance in our lives, and a numerology reading can help you to identify with these.
Tarot ReadingsThese kinds of card readings can decipher the future.

What Do I Think of Michele Knight?

The Michele Knight website has some decent features and offers which are noteworthy, but also a few negative aspects to the business. Overall, I would rate Michele Knight averagely, with it gaining points for its many articles and comprehensive offers on tarot readings, but losing points for pricing structure and website presentation.


  • Michele Knight features quite a large list of available psychics.
  • It has a huge portfolio of articles relating to all things psychic.
  • There is a variety of free readings and try before you buy offers.


  • The website can be difficult to navigate, with some areas downright inaccessible.
  • There are only a few different types of available reading styles.
  • Some of the readers seem a little expensive

My Conclusions About Michele Knight

When all is taken into consideration, Michele Knight is not a bad service, offering many features and deals which some certain psychic fans would find appealing. The website definitely needs work, as I found it quite shocking that it was simply broken, and made accessing some information impossible.

Fans of tarot, who know exactly what it is they would like out of a reading, would be best recommended to use this website, and it’s also worth perusing its many articles on anything to do with mysticism. The sheer bulk of these articles alone means that there will be something to interest most psychic enthusiasts. For a wider range of reading types with more experienced professionals, you’ll likely be better off with Bitwine or Mystic Sense.

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