Keen Reviewed: Can it Cover Your Cartomancy Needs?

Keen is a Psychics website that is predominantly chat and call based. There is no meeting up face to face with your reader, but that means you can get your psychic fix in from anywhere and in as much detail as you like. As we know, Psychic isn’t just one particular thing, but rather a notion or a medium with many different strands to it.

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There are different readings, and each available person, who has been rated out of five stars and can be found on their website, is an expert in an area. In this review, I will look at the website and the services they provide, critiquing things fairly and with balance. Need and accurate prediction? Exclusive offer: Get a 10mins reading for only $1.99

What is Keen Psychic?

Keen Psychic is one of the leading websites in the field, not only helping people with specific needs with a Reading, but also understanding the entire Psychic picture. They have a great blog which explains fully how everything works and they do try their best to convince everyone that there is genuine validity in Psychics. They also share plenty of external articles, both positive and negative, which have been written about them, which also adds to the fairness around them. Their website is not a propaganda tool and in that regard I fount it very helpful.

Keen Psychic Available Readings: In Detail

There are some Psychic Readings that a regular staples on every website, but some have more variety than others. I must say, there isn’t the same level when it comes to Keen Psychic, who seem to stick with the most common and popular options.

Among their most popular are Love and Relationships, because most people, including myself, often feel like they need help and support survival that aspect of their lives. The good thing about this aspect of the Psychic ideology is that you don’t necessarily have to be a bona-fide believer in it, because it can crossover to a psychiatrist session of sorts.

You can share your feelings with your reader who will attempt to guide you in a supportive manner.

Horoscopes are also something rather fun, deriving from Astrology, which uses your Zodiac sign to tell the past and the future, as well as quirky facts about your personality.

Astrology is something more serious, giving you more detailed accounts of your future, with Palm Readings and Fortune Telling also coming from the same ‘family’. Life Questions are rather self explanatory; here your reader will help you understand the meaning of life, answering the big questions you have about how the rest of your days on this planet will pan out. There are many reasons why people don’t believe in Psychics, but Tarot is the main one. The idea that images on some cards can tell your future is a lot to take, but the readers at Keen are very professional and fully help you to understand how it all works.

Some people may not be fully responsive to Spiritual Readings, which are slightly different to Psychic Readings. That difference is very similar between that and Tarot and Cartomancy; both are effectively the same, in that they are telling the future via card images. But Cartomancy is far more clearer and definitive, with very little room left for interpretation. With a Psychic Reading, they offer predictions of what may happen; a Spiritual Reading provides guidance of what should happen.

Keen’s Available Readings

Love and Relationship ReadingsInformation on whether marriage or divorce is a good option, as well as more tailored advice.
Life QuestionsHelp deciphering the meaning of life, and connecting you to a deeper, more meaningful spirit.
Tarot ReadingsFinding out information from your past, present and future with the use of cards
Spiritual ReadingsRather than Psychic Readings, which predict the future, these give clear guidance to help make decisions
HoroscopesInformation on your future and personality traits relating to your zodiac sign
Lady in Love

What do I think of Keen Psychic?

There are many different options for you to check out if you want to look into Psychics or get a reading, and Keen Psychics is definitely one of the better ones. They may not go into specific detail about their service, instead leaving that to the readers you are put in contact with, but they do a lot in order to explain about Psychics more generally from truth or lie standpoint.

There are certainly cheaper options out there, that is for certain, with costs spiking the more you get into it. But to cover you with that, you have a barometer to cap your spending and the website will then only offer you the services of readers that you can afford. They do also ease you in on the financial side, with plenty of special offers to get you started. For example, right now you can get your first three minutes free, though beyond that you don’t get much of a trial period.

I also really like the fact that there is 24/7 care. You don’t have to wait for your Psychic fix, and that really helps add to the control you have of your own experience. You’re also not under pressure to remember everything either, because you get a transcript of each reading which allows for reviewing and reassurance. Overall, I like what I saw from Keen Psychics; they are quite basic in terms of their look, but the fact you can control your spending easier than with other sites is excellent.

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