AskNow Review: Is an AskNow Psychic Reading Worth It?

In this AskNow review, we’ll examine if Asknow is a good choice for psychic readings by phone and by email.


To test them, we called their phone number 1-888-815-1999and tried their 5 minute free trial then extended for a full 1 hour after using a  total of 6 psychic readers.  We also read and compiled dozens of user reviews from forums and message boards around the web.

Let’s jump into a quick overview of our findings before we dive deeper into AskNow.

AskNow First Look:


  • New client rate $1 per minute
  • 5 minutes free
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Wide range of price points
  • Can call their 


  • Expensive elite/master advisors 
  • No psychic sort feature 
  • No satisfaction guarantee

Why Should I Use a Psychic Website Such as AskNow?

Getting answers from psychics can be an important step in making life choices. When you’re wondering about a relationship, whether to make a career change or your financial future, getting input from an advisor can help you make this decision.

This is equally true when you’re facing life issues you don’t know how to resolve. Speaking with a psychic on a site like AskNow can help you see the options before you. Then, you can evaluate what the best choice for you is.

Finally, talking with a psychic advisor can also be useful when you have recently suffered a loss. A medium can help connect you with your loved ones and bring you closure.

How Do I Use the AskNow Website?

To use AskNow, first decide whether you prefer phone readings or chat psychic readings, as the site offers both.

Then, determine which introductory package is right for you; packages are offered from $1 per minute. You’ll get five free minutes with your purchase to use with an elite advisor or master advisor.

After the intro offer, you can choose to continue with master advisors for $13+ a minute, elite advisors for $10-$12.99 a minute, or top-rated advisors for $3.99-$9.99 a minute. Top-rated advisors have the lowest price point the site offers.

Once you find the psychic you want to speak to, you can call or chat with them if they are available, or you can ask for a callback if they are busy or away. You also have the option of scheduling an appointment.

To book a session, you’ll need to register. The site leads you to this page when you start to schedule your appointment. You will need a credit card to register for the trial offer.

Types of Readings Available on AskNow

AskNow experts offer psychic readings in nine main categories. Though you don’t need to select a specialty, choosing one can ensure you’ll get a psychic specialist in your area.

Love & Relationship

Love and relationship experts answer questions about your love or family life. They can discuss exes, break-ups, soulmate connections, and other queries related to relationships.

Money & Finance

When you’re worried about money, psychics in this category can clarify the issues and help guide you towards the next best steps to take. Their financial advice may focus on career issues, such as finding higher-paying work, as well as money itself.

Careers & Goals

Careers and goals psychics focus on your work situation. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure whether to make a job change, they can provide clarification that will help you decide.

Tarot Readers

Tarot readers use decks of 78 tarot cards to answer your questions or see your general situation. Each of these cards has a particular meaning and symbolism, helping you see the energies affecting your life in different areas.

Spiritual Guides

These psychics use spirit guides to respond to your questions. By connecting to your energy and asking their guides about your issues, they can provide guidance in a particular area of your life.


Numerologists use your birth date and your full name to calculate important numbers in your life. These numbers then give insight into your fate, talents, weaknesses, and destiny.

Astrology Readings

Astrologers look at the placement of the planets when you were born, the planets now, and future placements to describe general life trends as well as specific events that could affect you.

Past Lives

Past life psychics tune into your energy to see what baggage and skills from past lives are still affecting you in this one. They can assist you in moving on from old issues while still making the most of your talents.

Dream Analysis

Dream analysts examine the symbols in your dreams to give you guidance from your own subconscious. They are particularly useful when you’re facing an issue or difficult choice.

AskNow Free Trial

Unlike some other psychic reading platforms, AskNow offers both reduced pricing and minutes for free for new users. Their offers include 30 minutes for $30, 20 minutes for $20, and also let you get 5 minutes free with an elite or master advisor.

Once your free psychic offer has expired, you have the choice of continuing with the current psychic at a higher rate or choosing an advisor from the “top-rated” category, who charges less. However, a top-rated psychic is still experienced.

To get the AskNow offer, you will need to create an account, including a username and a password. You will also need to enter your credit card information to purchase the initial package. You can either do this using their online form or call +1-800-227-5669. To learn about the other psychic readings for free go here.

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