Learn What the Skills of Clairaudience Can Do

Clairaudience is a psychic ability enabling one to receive messages and information via hearing voices, sounds or words.

This form of psychic ability stems from the French words clair which means ‘clear’ and ‘audience’ which means to hear.


Clairaudients have been around since the beginning of time, the most famous St. Joan of Arc heard voices from Saint Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret which sent messages from God which she passed to the heir of the throne of France and his military leaders.

Clairaudience special ability manifests itself audibly inside the mind.Most people who have clairaudience receive telepathic messages and spirits will converse with them through thoughts.


A lot of people may not even know they are Clairaudient, but a clairaudient test is possible. Normally when clairaudient abilities are manifesting themselves you may notice ringing or a change of pressure in the ears or hear muffled voices or buzzing noises.

These all maybe a sign you have clairaudience.

What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is the ability to clearly hear spirits talk to you, both internally and externally.

This psychic ability can begin in a person within any period of their life.

Signs of becoming clairaudience; you begin to hear noises, notice ringing in the ears or a change of pressure.

The voices heard are spirit voices which are normally brief and to the point, not constant and can be controlled.

They also allow the clairaudient to engage with them and ask specific questions, answering and providing relevant feedback.

What is a Clairaudient Reading?

Clairaudients readings allow you receive information through spiritual voices which may come from your ancestors, family members or angels.

These readings can be insightful and comforting especially for those still bereaving over a death or they may help you take a specific course of action in the future.

An experienced clairaudient can differentiate between a spirt from a lower astral plane to a spirit on a higher plane with meaningful information as part of a reading.

Clairaudience can also occur through dreams these dreams can involve sounds or hearing voices that are extremely distinct and clear.

Signs of Clairaudience are; hearing sounds or noises a lot, hearing your name called or other words in the mind’s ear, hearing messages that are directed to you, ringing and buzzing noises in the ears, a change of pressure in the ears or you may chat to yourself a lot.

Benefits of a Clairaudient psychic reading allow you get guidance and advice from otherworldly spirits allowing you to receive higher knowledge in receiving the answers you require.

Clairaudience meditation is also popular as clairaudience also works as an internal voice. The busy pace of modern life can stop us from hearing our spirits and angels. By using meditation, it clears the mind and can open-up the heart allowing for spiritual and angelic guidance.

A clairaudient medium has paranormal hearing and as part of a reading will refer to impressions of the ‘inner mental ear’, they can hear voices or thoughts and words from the spirits of the deceased which may help comfort a person and help them move forwards with their life

What are the Clairaudient abilities?

Clairaudience symptoms and abilities include:

Hearing someone call your name when nobody is around.

You hear noises and ringing in the ears.

Talking to yourself frequently, a creative mind which is full of ideas.

Constantly craving peace and quiet, you may have had imaginary friends.

You are a source of uplifting people and a guiding light.

Music makes you feel alive and you enjoy listening to the radio or audio books.

You hear ‘signs’ in song and speech.

In your dreams you hear voices and words.

As part of the first signs of clairaudience you may notice ringing or a change of pressure in the ears or hear muffled voices or buzzing noises.

Can I become a Clairaudient?

Clairaudience can be developed by training yourself to hear astral sounds from the spirit world.

Musical exercise or envisioning sound can also help, where you can train yourself to differentiate between different sounds or sit in a quiet room and imagine music playing in the mind.

Meditation also helps take you to a higher plane and ‘asking for spirit messages’ can develop your psychic clairaudient abilities.

By performing the above can help you become clairaudient or develop and improve your clairaudience abilities.

As outlined some people develop this psychic ability throughout life or some are not even aware that they have this ability; the first signs you may notice ringing or a change of pressure in the ears or hear muffled voices or buzzing noises.

But as outlined the main signs that explain that you have this psychic ability is the ability to hear voices or sounds that no one else can hear.

You may also self-talk or have imaginary friends or hear high pitched noises and be music sensitive.

In your dreams you may also hear voices and hear specific words and sounds.

Difference between a Clairaudient and a Psychic?

One difference between a psychic and a clairaudient is a psychic derives his reading from within him rather than from external sources.

Whereas the clairaudient gathers their information from the spiritual world based upon hearing things around them or of things that have happened.

Another difference between a psychic and a clairaudient; is that a psychic utilises the mind to determine your past, present and future.

Whereas a clairaudient uses mental hearing in receiving telepathic messages from spiritual sources which are aimed to give comfort or aid a person in the future.

Free Clairaudience

So, this tickled your imagination. You believe you may have clairaudient powers yourself. If that’s the case, we strongly encourage you to try to develop them. However, if you’re still skeptical about the legitimacy and meaningfulness of this skill, there are ways to reassure you.

Getting a free psychic reading online is a great, effortless way to show yourself that there’s more to clairaudience that meets the eye.

There also exists a free psychic chat, which is a perfect gateway for those more suspicious to experience the wonders of such divinations. Be wary, though, as those with this skill value it, so it may be a part of a larger package that you pay.

My Conclusion

Visiting a clairaudient for a reading can be a healing experience, allowing you contact with ancestors, family members or friends.

A reading may give you the healing comforts you require in your life at this present time.

The clairaudients psychic abilities may also help you find love or wealth.

There are a huge number of online clairaudients that are here to help you understand the past and present while helping to determine your future, they are just a click away!

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