Astrology Review - What’s Written in The Stars?

Stargazing as well as pattern recognition is part of human nature. For centuries people have been looking to the stars and watching as they tell the story of the past, the present, and the future. Becoming proficient in their meanings is a talent you can learn. Astrology is a complex web of interconnecting planetary bodies. By learning how to read the stars, planets, and moon positions, as well as, where they are, were, and will be you can find their meanings.


While horoscopes have become increasingly popular in recent years, they only brush the surface of what real astrological research can achieve. 

To truly understand how the science of astrology works it takes years of focused study. If you are curious to understand more about this ancient tradition, then read on. We have written this article to help understand the basics of astrology and what it can do.

What is Astrology

First of all, keep in mind that astrology doesn’t divide all humanity into twelve groups. The distinction is based on more than your birth month. The date, exact time and exact place of birth make for a different reading. No two people will have precisely the same qualities.

Additionally, astrology doesn’t lean on just the location of the sun, but all planets as well as the moon and their relative position to the stars. Their positions, connections, and interactions are all used for analysis. Thus, the interpretations are extraordinary each time. Only after interpreting can you consider any implications for your day-to-day life.

Another thing that people usually get wrong is that the sign we were born in has power over us. In reality, it explains our characters, and it does not interfere with our free will. This knowledge only makes us more equipped to get to know ourselves. Learning about archetypes makes it easier to find our individuality within them. Astrology has many tools to describe personalities. The main one giving us a narrative on our characters is a birth chart.

Your Sign

The chances are that you know your sign; the star sign, to be exact. It is what every horoscope news section bases itself on. In fact, three signs come together to determine your unique set of characteristics. Your Sun sign is the essence of who you are. It determines the tone of your overall personality, as well as your reactions to events.

The Moon sign represents the darker side of your emotions and your vulnerabilities. If your temperament is sensitive, you will relate to this even more than to your Sun sign. And finally, your Ascendant or the Rising sign stands for the easternmost planet in the moment of your birth. The Ascendant establishes the way you present yourself to the world; in psychology, it would be your Mask.

What is a Birth Chart and How to Read It?

As we mentioned above, birth charts are the most potent tool astrology uses to describe individuals. The readings are complex, but the basis is quite simple. A natal chart is, in essence, a map of the sky in the moment of your birth.

The interpretation of every birth chart relies on various factors. The astrological point of view uses these to determine the urges we experience, our temperaments, matters of importance to us and the interactions of these elements. There are three main groups of factors:

The Planets

Planets represent different urges that people feel. There are several groups of them. It’s through their influence that you may feel some calls stronger than others. The personal planets stand for universal human desires. Think Maslow’s hierarchy of urges; despite our fundamental differences, we all sense them. The social planets embody our desires to join our subjective experience to that of the human kind.

They influence our participation, charity and the passion for art and ideas and all things that connect our microcosm to the macrocosm. The transpersonal planets are to thank for the evolution of the human species. They stand for the urges we can merely seek, but never fulfill like absolute power, knowledge, and bliss. An easy way to grasp this is by thinking that your priorities will depend on your planets.

The Signs 

While the urges are universal, every individual has a specific way of expressing them. Thanks to the horoscope, we are already familiar with the twelve signs. What we may not know is that every one of them lends us with a particular temperament. It is a filter through which you expose or, in some cases, fail to disclose your desires.

The twelve signs have their core in four elements; fire, earth, air, and water. Remember that each sign is unique, but they all share some characteristics.

  • Fire Signs: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius

These signs are enthusiastic, avid in their endeavors and have a lot of inspiration. Their intuition is high, and they are good at looking at the bigger picture.

  • Earth Signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

This group is distinguishable for attentiveness, and a slow pace of life, as well as decision making. They find it easy to blend in and enjoy the moment.

  • Air Signs: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

In this group, we find great leaders. Their communication skills are up to par, and they have influential minds.

  • Water Signs: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

As their element, their emotions come in waves. These signs experience a lot of empathy, making them good in relationships.

The Houses 

The birth chart is separated into twelve areas called houses. The houses represent different areas of life. Each of the planets moves, and visit a different house, enhancing their traits. The house shows which area of your life the features of that particular planet will express themselves.

An easy way to remember this is; planets say what, the sign says how, while the house says where. However, we should not forget that we read a birth chart as a whole, not as a sum of elements. To understand the whole, we need to know the aspect.

The Aspect 

The relationship between the three factors is of crucial importance. The aspect is a measure of degrees between space objects, and it paints the picture on the position. It tells us whether the urges of two planets cooperate or conflict.

It must have happened to you that your desires seem to be fighting with each other. Not all traits will, unfortunately, work together flawlessly. We can find comfort in knowing, for it makes us more capable of resolving the conflicts.

Top 3 Astrology Readers


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Astrology has a variety of benefits that everyone can experience, you just have to be willing to explore it. We can all gain a new perspective when giving astrology a chance because it serves to improve our love lives, the relationships with our families, and even whether or not that career move you’re considering is the right choice. The date we’re born and the positioning of the stars and planets at that precise moment can tell us a lot about ourselves and the decisions we should make for the future. 

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My Conclusion

As you can see, there’s a lot to learn to understand astrology. We must not explore only disjointed parts that pique our interest. Instead, look into the whole picture to get the most out of the science. What we provided are the very basics. We hope, though, that we aroused your curiosity. You may try to discover a deeper understanding, and you may end up discovering more about yourself along the way.

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