How to Astral Project, in 7 Easy Steps

A Quick Guide to Astral Projection

The human race has been astral projecting since the dawn of time itself; what some people might refer to as an ‘out-of-body experience’ others might call ‘astral projection’.

But, how do you actually do it? Here’s my quick and easy guide to mastering the art of astral projection, how to keep safe while doing it and even how to push yourself further and become an astral explorer!

A Quick Guide to Astral Projection

Astral travel, out-of-body experiences or astral projection is when your soul separates from your body and travels throughout the other realm.

Although it sounds a bit terrifying (and it can be, if you haven’t prepared yourself or trained properly), it’s actually one of the most spiritual and beautiful aspects of being alive; your consciousness literally elevates to a whole other plane of existence and is at its most pure form.

Learning how to manage it can result in some of the most extraordinary experiences as you explore beyond the conscious, earthly realm.

How to Astral Project: A Step by Step Guide

Absolutely everyone is capable of astral projection – all it takes is a clear mind, training and self-control. Here’s how you can train yourself to astral project:

Step 1: Be in your hypnotic state

Ever felt that you weren’t really awake, but weren’t really asleep either? That’s your hypnotic state. Personally, I’d say this is more achievable to get to after you’ve first woken up than before you go to sleep, as I find I end up falling asleep!

This step requires a lot of patience and training. I personally use mindful breathing to ensure I get to my hypnotic state just after I wake up, as this allows me to be in the right balance, without being too alert.

You can astral project at any time of the day, and it’s really down to personal preference – the best advice I can give you is to explore the times of day that you feel at your most potentially hypnotic state-adjacent and then go with that feeling.

I’ll also say that I find it much easier to prepare myself for astral projection while I’m alone in the room. There’s just something about someone else’s energy surrounding mine that interferes with my aura. On the same note, try to create a calm environment – close the curtains, make sure there are no distractions outside (noises, light), or even put on some relaxing music to help you create the right mood.

Step 2: Imagination and mindfulness

Once you’re comfortable in your hypnotic state, the fun part begins!

Breathe deeply, and imagine each part of your body releasing tension. Let yourself sink deeply into relaxation – try not to think about how to astral project at this stage, just focus on getting into the right state of being.

You have to use the power of your imagination to ‘move’ parts of your body, all while keeping completely still with your eyes closed. Try imagining your foot, then imagine moving your toes. Once you’ve nailed this down, start imagining moving other parts of your body – without actually moving anything physically. Try your hands, fingers, arms, legs and more.

Step 3: Lean into the sensations

Once you’re comfortable remaining in your hypnotic state but are able to mentally move the parts of your body, you might start to feel some interesting sensations.

Personally, I feel some vibrations, as well as start to see a golden, shimmering aura around my body. This is when I know that I’m on the right track!

The first time you see or feel these sensations, it can be a little scary – but there really is nothing to fear. This is just the soul starting to release from the physical realm and your body. So lie back, enjoy it and then try to control the frequency of the vibrations. It will take some getting used to, but soon you should be able to even start and stop the vibrations at will.

Some astral projectors like to use quartz crystals at this point, which can help control the speed of the vibrations. Place the crystal on your third eye while your eyes remain closed, and you’re breathing deeply. Envision the crystal radiating a golden light, or any color that appears to you, to help you clear your head. You can also use the crystal later on in your astral projection.

Step 4: Leave your body

You’re about an astral project! Once you can control your vibrations, imagine your soul rising up from your body and walking to the other side of the room. Congratulations – you’ve just begun an astral projection!

It will take some doing, or even baby steps, but you will master it eventually. For me, this was the longest part of the process. Practice makes perfect, however.

A good way to start is to astral project parts of your body – raising a leg, or moving an arm, for example. Once you’ve done that, make your soul sit up from your body then stand up. Then look around the room, and look back at your sleeping body.

If all goes well, you will be able to feel your consciousness as completely separate from your body, and will be able to gaze down at it – this part can be slightly alarming at first, but you’ll get used to it very quickly.

Step 5: Recognize your anchor

Once you start astral projection, you’ll notice a fine, silver cord connecting your body and your soul. This is like an anchor, keeping your soul tethered to your body, so that they won’t be separated while you astral project.

The first few times you successfully astral project, try to notice how your silver cord feels, and where it is, so you can always be certain that you’ll find your way back to your body.

If you want to practice this step, then by all means do: your soul should slot back into your body very quickly and easily; I feel it like a magnet connecting. Once you re-enter your body, you can physically wiggle your fingers and toes to make sure you’re fully back in your body.

Step 6: Go exploring

Once you can comfortably walk across to the other side of the room as you astral project, it’s time to start exploring around!

Start small – I personally started by exploring other rooms in my house, then the area around my house, my neighborhood, and then I took things bigger.

You could also try checking out objects you might have missed on the physical plane in another room – notice the small details – color, shape, size and any imperfections, for example. You’;ll be amazed at how it seems different while astral projecting.

Even if you return to the room later, after you’ve returned to your physical body and see the same object, you’ll be amazed at how different it looks.

This is a technique to use also while you’re exploring – with each exploration, of a new place or even a familiar place, take in details that you would never have noticed in the physical world. If and when you return on the physical plane, verify those details.

Step 7: Become an astral explorer on the astral plane

Once you’re comfortable with astral projecting to the earthly plane, it’s time to think bigger: the universe!

I like to build extra protection before my astral projections and explorations: imagine a soft glowing light – kind of like the golden aura I mentioned earlier – that envelops your soul and protects you.

This is your soul’s shield, and it will keep you safe, no matter what you encounter. You can now safely explore the universe. If you’re nervous to go it alone, there is help available from professional psychics.

Exciting Astral Projection Things to Try

Astral projection in itself is a fun experience – and there are two further things you can try once you’ve got the hang of astral exploration!

Astral Sex

Once you’re an accomplished total projector, tell your partner or significant other to learn an astral project as well. Astral sex is entirely possible, and reports state that it is mindblowing, as your souls are literally connecting.

Astral Healing

Astral healing is rumored to be very powerful, and anyone can do it!

Once you’re astral projecting, envision the sick person you’d like to heal. Even if they’re not physically in that location, it doesn’t matter, as earthly matters such as time and distance are irrelevant on the astral plane.

Focus on gathering positive and healing energy, and foster that whaling power in your astral hands. Pout one hand on their forehead and abdomen, and put your healing light into them.

Concentrate on the flow of energy, and feeling the love and healing energy for the person.

Safe Astral Projection: What You Need to Know

Of course, astral projection is one of the most amazing, literally out of this world experiences that anyone can train themselves to experience, however there are certain aspects of it that you need to be aware of, and avoid:

Harmful Spirits and Dark Forces

As a conscious being, you are usually unaware of the naked forces of evil surrounding the everyday plane of existence. As an astrally projected soul, you are coming into the same plane of existence as potentially harmful entities and forces.

Keep your protective shield around you, and avoid these when possible (you’ll know these harmful spirits when you see them – they appear differently for every astral explorer). Keep focused, and keep yourself protected, and you’ll stay out of harm’s way.

Another easy way to make sure your astral projection is completely positive and harm-free – bless the room before you get into your hypnotic state.

Breathing Trouble

Something that a lot of astral explorers experience during their initial process of astral projection is difficulty in breathing.

This is a little frightening, but perfectly normal. It’s your physical body’s way of expressing shock at your soul’s attempt to separate itself.

You are not in any physical danger; your body is just trying to reassure itself while your soul is the initial process of separation.

Soul’s Inability to Return to Physical Body

When I mentioned earlier to take notice of your anchor cord, it was for this reason: although I’ve personally never heard reports of souls being unable to return their physical bodies (and I guess we’d never even hear of these incidents, as there would be no physical way to do so), this is why astral projection has to be managed correctly.

Keep focused on and aware of your anchor cord while astral projecting, to ensure your body and soul remain connected and your soul can return to your body.

Physical Death

Another concern that seems valid but is unlikely in practice is physical death.

The theory is that, should your soul become disconnected, your body will die, although this scenario is highly unlikely. According to many astral projectors (including myself), the only way your body could come to any physical harm is if someone enters the room where your body is while you’re astral projecting and harms it.

Of course there are some steps you can take to ensure this doesn’t happen – secure the room from where you’ll be astral projecting (your soul can go through locked doors!), and ensure you are in a safe place before you begin astral projecting.

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