A Guide to Angel Cards

A Guide to Angel Cards

Angels are always out there, looking over us. But we sometimes fail to notice or understand their messages. Angel card readings use the power of celestial energies to find answers to your questions.

You may have asked yourself if you have a guardian angel. You may have even wanted to try reaching out for it yourself. In this guide, we will give you the basics of these cards. Keep in mind, though, that the procedure is but a facilitator.

This reading relies on the divine laws and presents you more than just answers. It gives you spiritual insight and guidance in all your future endeavors.

Angels experience only positive emotions towards humanity.  Every sphere of your life matters to them, but they most often provide spiritual counsel. So whatever challenges you may be facing, angelic messages bring positivity, encouragement, and new strength to carry on.

What are Angel Cards?

At first glance, you would assume angel cards are just another form of tarot. That is not the case – the only feature they share is the deck of cards. With tarot, your psychic will rely on the knowledge of metaphysical concepts. They will use their intuition, or sixth sense, to help you find your answers.

Angel cards find guidance from the divine realms. The psychic will seek answers from the angels, who are kind enough to grant responses. Angels provide gentle guidance, but they see the truth in all matters. With this reading, you won’t get real advice on a specific course of action. You will get a spiritual response. Angels are there to remind you of the beauty of life and to make you more aware of your unique energy. The rest is on you.

Do You Need a Reading?

Humans aren’t always the best in interpreting divine messages. Your moods, the world around you, or even your guts may be telling you something. But you fail to listen. This reading will bring your attention closer to what is already out there.

We all come to rough patches every now and again. You will sometimes find yourself stuck with a mix of challenging, exasperating emotions. Craving guidance is only natural. If you wound up in such a situation, you need a reading. After you part ways with your psychic, your path will seem much brighter. Angels will shine a gentle, loving light on it.

Keep in mind that no question is too trivial or monotonous – they are all a part of your life, and they matter. A reading will be incredibly gratifying, for you will reconnect to the higher forces above.

How to Read Angel Cards?

Angels are there to teach us about spiritual energy. Traditionally, there are six aspects to it:

  • Reflection is bringing more awareness to your divine self, and your spirit as a part of your being.
  • Integration is establishing the unity between your mind, body, and spirit – the three things that make you human.
  • Partnership means finding spiritual growth in your relationships. It may also mean ridding yourself of those not causing such welfare.
  • Alignment, in essence, entails finding the meaning of your life which aligns with your divine purpose.
  • Rejuvenation amounts to finding harmony and personal renewal in the natural cycles of life.
  • Nourishment refers to nurturing your spiritual fulfillment. You need to make choices, from food to thoughts and emotional responses, that reflect this.

In today’s world, you may discover you’re coping with one or more of these aspects. The first step towards letting go of that struggle is becoming more aware of it.

How a Reading Works

Every reading is a unique and individual experience. However, they follow a set of steps to get access to energy:

  • The opening ritual – your psychic, will take the cards and bless them. The blessing comes in the form of a prayer for the guidance of the angels. On your part, open your heart and mind. You may feel the need to pray yourself. This ritual sets the tone for the spiritual event about to take place.
  • Spreading the cards – readers have preferred sets of cards they found to work best for them and their clients. The deck they choose matters less than the message you take. The psychic will start spreading the cards while listening for a sign to halt.
  • Interpretation – now, you and your psychic study the meaning of the cards your angels appointed. Some cards will have more than one explanation. The reader connects to your angel’s energy and finds the best answer to your question based on that message.
  • Special messages – these don’t always happen, but sometimes, your angel wants you to pay extra attention to the advice on some of the cards. In that case, the card sticks out while your reader shuffles the deck. You will read that card as well, placing a particular emphasis on the message inscribed.
  • The closing ritual – this is the time to thank your angels for the answers they gave you. The psychic will thank them for the honor of angels speaking through them. Then the cards go back to the special place chosen for honoring the divine.

Reading the Cards Yourself

There are points in your life when you want to stay in touch in your angel more than time allows. This moment is perfect for learning to read cards yourself. By being aware of the celestial, you become more aware of yourself as well.

The art of reading itself leans heavily on intuition. Get a book to acquire basic knowledge of the ritual. Once you learn the process, make sure to take some extra time to prepare for the ceremony.

Make the space you’re practicing in your secret love cave. You may include candles, flowers, even glitter – and a lot of natural light. Angels are creatures of love for all humanity. Nourish that relationship by making your space that of love and respect as well.

We leave the details of your ritual entirely to you. Don’t worry about seeming silly, but try to open your mind.

My Conclusion

Sometimes, we all find ourselves frazzled and struggling with a hectic lifestyle. We go through life day by day and forget to be mindful. At such times, receiving a calming, loving, spiritual message could set you back on the right path.

I first got an angel card reading when I found myself wondering ‘Why am I doing this right now?’, and had no answer. Afterward, I fell in love with the gentle messages and softness it brings.

 Finally, let me advise you to avoid angel readings more than once a week if you’re seeking an answer to the same question. 

Of course, you could have more readings on different matters. However, when it comes to a specific problem, the longer you wait, the better. Repetition is self-defeating and inaccurate.

Also, I mentioned this earlier, but it is worth repeating – if the same card occurs more than once, pay attention to it. Your guardians are speaking to you.

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