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When you first start searching for psychic readings online, the amount of information that gets thrown out there can be daunting. Search results in the tens of thousands will stare you in the face, but how do you know where to even begin? That’s why our team is here to help you find the best psychic sites.

Psychic Reading

We know that the search for a reputable psychic website can be daunting. Our team has spent countless hours scouring through the search results online for you to find the leading websites offering online psychic readings, spiritual readings, and live psychic readings. Rather than spending all of your precious time doing the research yourself, you can take full advantage of our knowledge, know-how, and top picks. The choice is yours! You can select one of our top picks now and visit their site. Alternatively, you can continue reading to learn about other types of psychic and spiritual readings and make your choice later.

Choose Your Psychic Reading

Types Of Psychic Readings

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to find some insight into your life, look for guidance, or find balance with a psychic reading, how do you decide just what kind of psychic reading online is right for you? There are a plethora of types to choose from, and they all offer ranging results, outcomes, and perspectives. The team compiled a list of several different psychic and spiritual readings available online. For your convenience, you can also read a brief description of what they are and what they can do for you.

Palm Reading Online

Palm Reading Online

Palm reading, or palmistry, is the art of foretelling a person’s personality, future, potential, and current state of being by reading the lines on your palm and gleaning information based on their length, position, and connections. When doing a palm reading online, the psychic will study your hand, whether by photo or live call, and glean information from what they can see. Psychics will be able to see all of your decisions and destinations by reading these lines on your palm, though palm reading is not just about finding those lines and reading them. They can see more through your hand because of their innate psychic connections, reading your energy through your hands, and how that energy can create folds and deviations on your life path lines.

There are many sources available if you’re looking to find out more about palm reading, and if it’s right for you, and what you’re looking for.

Tarot Card Reading Online

Tarot cards are a pack of playing cards that have been used for centuries for divination in the form of Tarotology and Cartomancy. The taro has four suits. Each suit has 14 cards, including ten pip cards from one to ten, and four free cards. Each card and suit has its specific meaning, and where they come up in a reading determines just what they hold in store for you. A tarot reading online is very similar to a reading in person where a psychic will shuffle the tarot deck and deal out the cards in a specific manner, letting you know what each card means. It can help you make specific decisions about your future resolutions to obstacles you may be facing or will face in the future, or even solutions to past issues you may have had.

Are you interested in getting a tarot reading online? Please do not hesitate to learn more about tarot reading and what it could mean for you.

Psychic Love Reading 

When you’re looking for guidance finding your true love, help with a turbulent time in your current relationship, or just looking for some insight into what you have going on in your love life, psychic love readings can help point you in the right direction. Love readings online can give you information on not only your potential steps forward but about understanding yourself and where you are in a relationship. A psychic will consult with you online using one or several different techniques, from astrology, numerology, tarot cards, clairvoyance, and many others, to help guide you to insights into your love life. If you consider a love reading, we suggest that you choose a psychic who can give you the best reading for your current situation.

If a love reading is what you are looking for, finding out more about love readings is definitely in your best interests.

Aura Reading Online

Aura Reading

All things in our world radiate an aura that comes from the energy they emit, and there are many aura colors that all have different meanings. An online aura reading will allow an aura reading psychic to find out information about your feelings, thoughts, and dreams. An online aura reading is where the psychic will speak with you, read your aura, and then explain exactly what they can see from what color you are emitting to the spiritual world. An aura reading can help bring balance back into your life and leave you feeling cleansed, healed, and with a new sense of purpose.

Several online psychics specialize in aura readings, so finding out more about them can help determine if this is the type of reading you need.

Horoscope Reading Online 


A horoscope reading online is a reading that can glean a forecast of a person’s future based on the positions of the planets, stars, and cosmos at the time of their birth. Horoscope readings online look at your Zodiac sign, of which the 12 signs are Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Capricorn, and take into account the traits of these signs to show you what is in store for you. A horoscope reading by a psychic can either give you general information about yourself or help guide you in the matters of your career, love life, or health. The wonderful thing about horoscope readings is that they can be done daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly from online providers.

If this seems like it’s the right kind of reading for you, find more out about horoscope readings online.

Medium Readings Online 


Medium readings online, or Mediumship, is the practice of mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. Psychics that do these readings are known as Mediums. Whether in person or online, they interpret messages and guidance from beyond from loved ones who passed on to the spirit world. They can receive information through images, words, thoughts, and feelings as mental impressions, which are then relayed back to you, the person in the world of the living. A Medium can help you gain closure with a passed loved one, gain guidance from someone who has passed, or be able to speak to someone you care about who is now in the spirit world.

There are plenty of psychic medium sites to choose from online, and by finding more out about them, you can find one that will work for you.

Numerology Readings Online


Numerology readings can help you find meaning through numbers by understanding that everything in the universe is entirely dependent on and relates to numbers themselves. Through various methods, a numerologist will take elements of you as a person and break them down into numbers to better understand the world around you and your life purpose, personality, life path, and more. A numerology reading will use many different techniques, from your name, birth date, current date, and cultural background, that will impact your reading and help them give you the most accurate insight into yourself.

A quick search online and on our site can give you all the information you will need to know about numerology readings and if they are right for you.

Past Life Reading 

 Past Life Reading

A past life reading is when a practitioner uses hypnosis to look into your mind and recover what they believe are memories and feelings from your past lives or incarnations. They do this by accessing memories and experiences that are usually hidden in your subconscious mind. When done online, a practitioner will hypnotize you and then delve into your subconscious. Your mind will then decide which past life or incarnation will be remembered as part of the reading, which will allow you to find out what about your past life is either helping or hindering you in this life. These readings can give you a much deeper understanding of who you are and why you feel the way you do while also leading you in going about your current life in a more guided manner.

If you think a past life reading is right for you, find out more about past life readings online.

Chakra Reading 

 Chakra Reading

If you have been feeling run down, suffering from a lack of energy, or just feeling unhealthy in general, this can be a sign that your chakras are out of alignment and that a chakra reading and realignment might be just what you need. Your chakras are where your spirit and physical body meet, and there are seven primary meeting points between the subtle energy channels in your body. By doing an online chakra reading and alignment, your psychic can help you improve your key chakras’ balance and bring your health and mental attitude into a more restful and peaceful state. Realigning your chakras to make them perfectly balanced and in tune can re-energize you and make you feel whole again.

Finding an excellent online source for chakra realignment might be for you if you’re feeling out of balance in the world, and finding more out online can help with this.

Crystal Reading

 Crystal Reading

Crystal readings are a great way to rediscover your inner self and power in a spiritual and empowering way. Psychic crystals and gemstones are used in readings and have their own energy radiation and unique vibrations to help a psychic evaluate your life cycle. A crystal reading done online by a certified practitioner can help focus on the energies you need to work on in the coming revolution of your life and guide you on how to best work with those energies. There are different types of crystal readings that can do a number of other things, from delving into your intuition, understanding the deepest realms of your mind, and identifying energy blocks that can inhibit your personal growth.

If a crystal reading is what you seek, you can find more out about crystal readings online.

Soulmate Psychic Reading 

 Soulmate Psychics

Are you considered with matters of the heart? When this is at stake, a soulmate psychic reading could be just what you’re looking for. Love and everything that comes with it can be challenging to navigate on your own, and getting a soulmate psychic reading from a love psychic can be just the push you need to put you in the path of or find your soulmate. A soulmate psychic reading online can be done in many ways, whether through chat, video, or email, and can involve different techniques such as tarot readings, oracle card readings, and fortune-telling, among other ways. Whatever method your love psychic uses, a soulmate reading can help you understand where you’re going wrong and what love has in store for you in the future.

Lost Object Reading 

 Lost Object Reading

When we lose something, especially something of value or significant emotional and sentimental importance, it can be stressful, cause anxiety, and become all-consuming. A lost object reading can be beneficial and revealing. It can not only restore your peace of mind about your lost object, but it can also explore your feelings, relationships, and experiences toward the relevant item. A lost object reading can be done online, and a psychic will use various powers and techniques depending on what kind of object it is to find or direct you toward your missing item. Finding a psychic who is trained in finding lost things will help you through the process of reconnecting with your lost item, and don’t lose hope.

Do some time looking online to find out more about lost object reading.

Astrology Reading Online 

 Astrology Online

The movements and positions of heavenly bodies can be interpreted by an online astrology reading and can influence human affairs and the natural world. An astrology reading has similarities to a zodiac reading. However, it also considers many other celestial bodies and how they can affect everything in your life and your everyday doings. An online astrology reading by a psychic can be done on the phone, through a video call, an online chat, or email, whatever you are comfortable with. Some online providers even offer free readings and daily astrology insights. Online astrology readings can help in any number of areas of your life and can genuinely help you get some insight into what might be troubling you or just what lies ahead.

If you think an online astrology reading is right for you, find out more online.

Cartomancy Cartomancy

Cartomancy is a form of divination, or fortune-telling, done using a deck of playing cards, of which the most well-known method is the wheel of fortune. It is one of the oldest forms of fortune-telling and is extremely popular today. When a psychic does a cartomancy reading, the number of cards used is generally in multiples of three, and several various spreads can range from a single card to a twenty-one card read. These readings can be done online over a video call, through a chat, email, or over the phone, and can allow you a look into your past, present, and future.

If a cartomancy reading is something you are interested in, you can find out more about cartomancy online.

Dream Reading Online Dream Reading

Dream reading or dream interpretations are the processes of delving into the meaning of your dreams. Dream analysts use this process to help you understand the meaning behind your dreams and to find out just what may be troubling or upsetting you and your subconscious. A dream reading can be done online in many different ways, whether through video chat, email, online chat, or over the phone. An excellent method of doing this is to write down your dream, as much as you can remember, the moment you wake up, as to give your dream analyst the best possible chance of ascertaining just what your dreams mean. Many dream analysts online can help you understand the true meaning of your dreams and what they mean to your waking life.

Do you want an online dream reading? You can find out more about dream reading online.

Angel Card Reading Angel Card Reading

An angel card reading is somewhat similar to a psychic using tarot cards. However, angel cards are specifically used to seek help from angels and other spiritual beings during your reading. Angel cards are not definitive; instead, they have a more positive and uplifting nature and provide gentle, comforting messages. The reading relies on channeled information from the spiritual realm and uses those energies to interact with yours to gain responses from the angels to any questions you may have. An online angel card reading can be done in several ways, video chat, email, online chat, or over the phone. An angel card reading can bring peace and enlightenment to your life and give you an overall sense of well-being and comfort.

Several different providers can do angel card readings, so if this is something you are interested in, find out more about angel cards online.

Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Cards

Oracle card readings are similar to tarot card readings, but there are some significant differences. The oracle deck’s structure is entirely up to the psychic using it, and the oracle decks have no rules. With an oracle card reading, the goal is not only to give advice and insight but to go a step further and help you develop intuition and thinking skills to help you with whatever it is you seek. They are also often more focused on prompting you to do some self-analysis rather than giving out a tarot deck’s specific truths. These readings can be done online in almost any form, just like a tarot card reading. An oracle reading can help you fulfill your soul and develop yourself spiritually in a much more personal fashion than a tarot reading.

Clairvoyant Reading 

Clairvoyant Reading 

If you are looking to find out what the future may have in store for you, a clairvoyant reading might be just the thing you’re looking for. A clairvoyant is a person who can use energies in the world around us to perceive events in the future or things that are beyond normal what you can feel and see with your normal senses. The beauty of a clairvoyant reading is that they are just as easy to do online as they are in person. Often, you are more relaxed and at ease in your own environment, leading to a better and more personalized reading. You can get these readings over video chat, online chat, email, or even over the phone, so the possibilities are endless. If you seek to know what could happen in the future, a clairvoyant reading might be just the thing for you.

To find out more about clairvoyant readings, look online.

Pet Psychic ReadingPet Psychic

If you are an animal lover, a pet psychic reading can be an excellent way to become closer to your pets. Pet psychics have the fantastic ability to understand and communicate what your pets are thinking and feeling and even help you reconnect with a pet that has passed on. Pet psychics are also known as animal communicators. These readings can be done in many different ways online. Depending on the psychic, you can communicate through chat, email, over the phone, or a video chat. Whether you’re looking to interact better with your pet, help cure their anxiety, understand them better, or communicate with a pet that has crossed the rainbow bridge, a pet psychic reading can be a great tool to do that.

Find out more about pet psychic readings online.

Career Psychics Career Psychic Advice

We all have questions about our careers, whether it’s how to advance in our careers, if our chosen career path is right for us, how to deal with a demanding boss, or just dealing with the fear of losing our jobs. A career psychic can help bring clarity and understanding to your situation and help you figure out what direction you need to go in to help advance your career or even change it. These readings can also help you further your talents and put your skills to good use, leading to a new job or promotion. These readings can be done quickly online by video call, phone, online chat, or email. No matter what information you’re seeking about your career life, a career psychic can help you find direction in an ever-changing world.

Find out more about career psychic readings.

How To Get Ready For A Psychic Reading?

So, now that you’ve decided just what kind of reading you’d like to get, how do you prepare?

  • First, do your research. No matter what kind of reading or site you want to use, make sure you spend some time researching the psychic you choose.
  • Once you’ve chosen your psychic, make sure you know your expectations from your reading. There’s nothing worse than going into a reading expecting one thing and getting something entirely different. That is why it’s crucial to not only know what you want but be entirely honest and upfront with your chosen psychic.
  • Make sure you have your questions for your psychic written down and ready for your session, as well, so you’re not spending precious time floundering for ideas of what to ask them.
  • Lastly, be prepared for what you hear from your psychic to make you emotional or not precisely what you want to hear. These steps will help ensure that you get the most satisfaction possible from your reading.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, your psychic reading will only be as good as not only the psychic you pick but also as good as your research and expectations. When you go into a psychic reading prepared and informed, you’re not only helping yourself get the best reading possible, but you’re allowing your psychic to give you the best reading they can, as well. Spend your time researching what it truly is you are looking for, and make sure you’re using the reputable sites that our team at has extensively researched and recommended on our website.

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