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Learn These Helpful Psychic Definitions

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Whether you’re new to the psychic world or you’ve been invested in it for quite some time, these definitions can come in very handy on your metaphysical journey.

Why You Should Be Aware Of These Definitions

The psychic world is full of important terminology. It’s crucial that you know these terms since they play a big role in understanding certain situations and feelings. Today, we’ll delve more into their definitions to help give you a better understanding of all the psychic possibilities.


Chakras are spinning wheels of energy located throughout your body. The energy they emit is referred to as prana, and it’s responsible for many mental as well as physical functions. When one or more chakras are blocked, we can experience emotional or physical imbalances. These imbalances can be fixed through certain meditations, using crystals, chanting mantras, and various other methods.

The seven chakras are:

  • The crown chakra – Located at the top of your head. It’s responsible for our connection to the universe
  • Third eye (mind’s eye) chakraThe 3rd eye chakra  is associated with clairvoyance. It’s located on the forehead
  • Throat chakra – This chakra is in charge of our communication. Those with an open throat chakra are usually comfortable with speaking their mind
  • Heart chakra – This is located in the center of your chest. It deals with feelings of love, open-mindedness, and empathy
  • Solar plexus chakra –  This chakra is responsible for your confidence and ambition. It’s located above the belly button
  • Sacral chakra – Located in your pelvis, the sacral chakra is what brings feelings of creativity, passion, and sexuality
  • Root chakra – This chakra represents your sense of groundedness and balance. It’s located at the base of your spine


Clairvoyance is what allows a person to receive intuitive messages through visual cues such as images, colors, symbols, or dreams. It’s a type of ‘’inner seeing’’ that when pieced together leads to a much bigger picture.
For example, it can occur when you pass by someone and suddenly picture moving boxes. This could mean that they’re planning on moving in the future.

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides, otherwise known as the ascended masters, refer to an entity that remains here on Earth to act as a protector or guide to another human being. Buddha, Confucius, and Jesus are examples of guides that have been put on Earth to direct and help the people.


Everyone on Earth has a glowing field of color surrounding them. This color field is known as an aura. This energy reflects the state of our soul. Additionally, each color holds its own meaning. For example, a blue aura may be emitted by someone calm and stable, whereas a red aura usually means someone’s very passionate and driven.

Another type of energy is called vibrational energy. You may have heard the expressions ‘’good vibes’’ or ‘’bad energy.’’ We usually radiate a high type of frequency when we’re positive, healthy, and on the right path. Whereas our frequency is low when our energy is down and we feel negative.


Simply put, crystals are an organized grouping of atoms. However, these beautiful stones hold a lot of power. They’re said to have strong energetic properties that can be used to achieve certain effects. For example, carnelian stone is great for inciting creativity and amethyst provides a more calming result.


Meditation is a mental exercise that raises your attention and awareness, otherwise known as mindfulness. During a meditation practice, you connect with your higher self (your soul) as you leave the physical world behind you

Guided meditation uses voice prompts to lead you through your practice. Some people also choose to chant affirmations. These affirmations are motivational phrases or words that can help lead to an overall improved sense of wellness.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly condensed essences of a plant. They can hold many benefits such as psychological wellness and respiratory disinfection. Additionally, oils can be used in the psychic world to aid with spiritual growth and to cultivate a sense of calm.

It’s best to use a diffuser with essential oils since it allows you to create your own custom blends. 


By knowing the basic definitions of these terms, you’ll be better equipped when it comes to understanding the metaphysical world. Moreover, these terms can help assist you when dealing with more difficult spiritual questions. 

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