Aura Colors

How To Understand Your Aura Colors

They say we all give out vibes. These vibes are actually colored beams of energy known as auras. All living things are surrounded by auras and these contain information about your past, present, and future.

Those who can see them describe them as a luminous oval-shaped fence around the body. There are many different colors and shades that can be seen within the aura and they have different meanings.

Aura Energy

The energy that is emitted from an aura is felt by most people. Your aura is a reflection of your state of being. Some people make you happy, relaxed, or even uncomfortable and this is because of the energy they have surrounding them.

Everyone uniquely reacts to auras but often there is a commonality in one’s response to an aura. Some people have a strong aura and they are easily recognized.

Aura Brightness

Auras can be bright or dim and these factors are taken into account when having a reading. The brightness is based on your energy and emotional levels at the time and the brighter the aura the more energy you are giving out.

Auras change as your emotions change and a dimmer aura can be an indicator of that factor.

Aura Colors And Their Meanings

Understanding aura colors and their meaning will give you insight into your hidden emotions and memories. 

Rainbow Aura

  • A rainbow aura is often recorded around a person operating on a higher spiritual plane. Often a rainbow aura surrounds healers and psychics
  • It may be striped or seen as bursts of color reflecting their energetic and passionate nature
  • A nurturing person will have uneven borders that blend into others
  •  If you are a healer who works with your hands you will have a rainbow aura
  • A healer at the start of their journey will have a paler aura

Gold And Silver

  • Some people have a silver aura all the time and they are constantly connected to the spirit realm
  •  A gold aura reflects enlightenment and being protected by divine entities
  • A shiny aura surrounds someone who is moving through a divinely inspired process
  • If the aura is darkened it reflects frustration or a fear of what is learned

Single Colors

A Yellow Aura is a positive one.

  • It indicates a person who is generous and shares an optimistic outlook with those around them
  • Creative and intelligent people have a yellow aura

An Orange Aura indicates energy.

  • Those who like to take risks and are very energetic will have orange in their aura
  • Combined with red this shade is seen in charismatic and confident people

A Blue Aura surrounds someone that is intuitive.

  • A darkened shade of blue shows that you do not trust your intuition whereas a light hue shows you are connected to your instincts.

A Green Aura reveals a connection to nature.

  • You find healing associated with green auras.
  • Where it is light the aura is aligned with innocence and love. Should it be dark this reflects jealousy or resentment

A Red Aura can be either positive or negative depending on the hue.

  •  It is a reflection of passion, and a bright red reading belongs to a competitive person. Many also may have a high sex drive reflecting their passionate nature
  •  A paler red aura indicates an artistic and sensitive nature
  • A clear dark red aura is found in those who are self-assured. If it is seen as cloudy then it reflects anger

Negative Colors

While no aura is bad, some colors have negativity associated with them. Some dark colors hint at the energy being blocked 

  •  Black auras point to you holding on to negative feelings. It could be read that your spirit is unyielding and unwilling to forgive. There could be an illness holding back the energy
  • Grey auras show that you do not trust something or someone in your life. Again, energy fields are being blocked due to this
  • A dark brown aura shows you are unable to let yourself go. You are holding onto something


An online aura reading will give insight into your true nature. In examining your body’s energy field, you will see what is going on with your emotional, mental, and spiritual health. In reading the intensity and vibrancy of the colors you will identify areas that need development.

There are a number of online aura reading services out there. Allow yourself to be open so they can get a true understanding of what your aura color is saying.

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