Psychic Meditation

How To Do Psychic Meditation

Whether you dream of being a psychic or want to improve your psychic powers, meditation tailored for psychics to gain spiritual rewards, gifts, or powers from spirits and otherworldly energies can help you discover more about the universe.  

The following article clearly outlines a systematic method to accomplish psychic meditation on your own. 

Who Should Do Psychic Meditation?

Are you familiar with transcendental or mantra meditation? Just as there are different meditation forms designed to tap into different parts of your spirituality, psychic meditation unlocks the psyche. 

A method to tune into your destiny, psychic meditation helps you communicate with spirit guides to activate or receive psychic gifts. If you want to uplift your energy and communicate with everything around you, psychic meditation will be useful.

Psychic meditation is quintessential for those who want to communicate with the spiritual realm as it prepares your mind for spirit messages. The psychic technique of meditation can help you attain various benefits, including the following:

  • Amplify your current powers
  • Strengthen weaknesses 
  • Read thoughts 
  • Enhance intuitive abilities
  • Spirit/angelic communication 
  • Connect to higher realms 
  • Protection and safety

A Step-By-Step Guide

Wondering how to prepare for a session of psychic meditation? You don’t need a Hollywood mirror, but a healing crystal can help plenty. Hold it close and start with the following steps. 


Before you begin receiving spiritual messages, you need to clear the clutter in your mind. To create a sacred space or comfort zone, find an undisturbed and pristine place.

It is best to choose a room or area where you’ve shared your sacred thoughts or one that’s away from the energy of other people. Once you decide, you need to cast a circle and set up an altar in the direction of the rising sun. Next, spend time in the sacred space to connect with it before discerning the spirit messages. 


While many of us think postures don’t matter, there’s always a comfortable and uncomfortable posture for everyone. For some, it’s way too many of either. When you’re doing psychic meditation, you need to be in a comfortable position. 

Assume what’s natural to you, and if nothing comes to mind, try the following: 

  • Put down a yoga mat, and sit in your meditation position. 
  • Close your eyes.
  • Visualize roots growing out of you into the ground and connecting with Mother Gaia. 
  • Ensure your palms are open while preparing the mind to receive spirit words. 


Breathing is a crucial component of psychic meditation and many other mystic scriptures because it lets in the air, which can give you life besides purifying and revitalizing your being. It’s called the ‘vital force’ in Hindu Puranas and ‘chi’ in Taoism. 

To accomplish this feat, you need to take deep belly breaths. The following steps can help:

  • Inhale through the nose while counting to three.
  • Visualize the vital force or chi in the air filling you. 
  • Exhale through the nose while counting to three.
  • Visualize being cleansed and becoming one. 
  • Repeat the above a few times. 

Make Requests

The next step is to request protection from the low energy vibrations that can affect you during the ritual of psychic meditation. If you’re a beginner, it’s good to do this religiously every time while meeting the spirit.

Take a look at the following for directions in creating a vocal request.

Grounded and ready,
I call upon thee, spirit guides.
To clear my path
And protect me from perils unknown.
Lead me with love.
Lead me with light.

Declare Your Intentions

Also called a mantra, or affirmation, your intention needn’t be like a grand spell with rhymes. All that’s needed is a clear and concise intention for the spirit guide.

Take a paper and write down a few lines to describe your intention. It could be something like this:

I welcome your energy
And, declare ready to become a medium for the universe.
I open my mind to the knowledge of the cosmos
And beseech thee to answer me clearly.
With my heart and soul, I beckon the spirit guide to come forth.

Once you’re done, visualize a door, gateway, sky, or anything that’s opening in your mind’s eye. This will activate your mind to receive spirit signals and messages.

Sit in the same position for a few minutes more. Then, close the door or sky just as you opened it in your mind until you feel aware of your surroundings. This is an important step for grounding yourself because it helps you keep free from external energies.


Psychic meditation involves opening your psyche to the messages of the spirit realm. It helps you tone your psychic gifts besides peeking into the future or communicating with angels. For a closer view, take a look at it in practice with meditation online.

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